By Rachael Clegg
The gooseneck


Two trips to A & E, Manx cat bites, horse flies, catapulting into bails of straw and climbing ladders on the Mountain – the making of this year’s Milestones was probably the most extreme of them all. Never has making a calendar been more like a Japanese game show. 

But that’s not the extent of Team Milestone’s drama.. In October 2013, I was hospitalised after being knocked down in a hit and run. Who’d have thought pushbiking in Sheffield was so extreme?

But thanks to the infinitely patient photographer Ian Parry and good friend Shaz Nicol, the calendar – and me – have made it out alive and to press. Just.

The calendar’s images illustrate some of the more unusual events in the TT’s 108-year history but events which, nonetheless, highlight the extraordinary mettle to have graced the 37 and three quarter miles of the Mountain Course.

Props include a tram – courtesy of a lovely man called Tinky at the Isle of Man Electric Railway, ex-race horses, thanks to Billy in Bride, tractor tyres and colossal amounts of straw, thanks to farmers John and Libby Quine, and crash helmets from Donington Park’s Kevin Wheatcroft. And then there’s Dave Molyneux, who kindly lent me his sidecar, though goodness know what he thought when I rolled up with a pair of mannequin legs.

All these people – among many others –help to make Milestones happen.. If the calendar images bring you even a fraction of as much fun as we’ve had making it then I’ll be a happy woman.

Rachael Clegg

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